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Something Else Again:            CD available


Something Else III:                  CD out of print

Something Different:                Mastered but yet to be released

Nothing Else:                           now available from CD Baby, Amazon in coming weeks

Experts / Soapies:                   cassette out of print

The Yuppie / The Politician:    cassette out of print

Home and local community concerts can be negotiated

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The Yuppie

City Sewer Blues




Junk Mail

The Politician


Don’t know why

Recorded with:

Christina Barrie: keyboards, bass, vocals, percussion

Chris Finnen:  guitars, percussion

Nick Sinclair: bass

Peter Beeby: keyboards

Katrina Carpenter: vocals

Suzanne Minards: vocals

Andy Mills: drums

Trevor Pattenden: saxophone

Gareth Saunders: bass

Ian Coulls: guitars, bass, vocals

Production: Ian Coulls

Mastering: Neville Clark at Disk-Edits


The Loser



The Lone Ranger

Over the Hill

The Traveller

Tear down the Walls

The City

Recorded with:

Christina Barrie:  keyboards, saxophone, vocals

Ian Coulls:   guitars, programming, vocals

Production: Ian Coulls

Mastering: Neville Clark at Disk-Edits

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Something Else with Serge Kerval:   now available from CD Baby or Amazon

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Sur le pont de Nantes

Le grand café

Voici la St Jean

New Orleans, New Orleans


Celui qui a mal tourné

Dans les prisons de Nantes

La route aux quatre chansons

Orléans la Nouvelle

Le petit bonheur

Ami, mon bel ami


Au clair de la lune

Recorded with:

Serge Kerval:   vocals, guitar

Christina Barrie:  keyboards, backing vocals

Ian Coulls:   guitars, bass

Trev Warner:   fiddle

Zoe Mayes:   fiddle

Andrew McKenzie:   backing vocals

Production: Ian Coulls

Mastering: Neville Clark at Disk-Edits


Thought that we’d be friends

Lovers of the night


The Pace

Your God

The Endless Grind


Out of time, out of place

If there were a god


Jigsaw #2



Recorded with:

Vocals:   Ian Coulls

Guitars:   Chris Finnen, Ian Coulls

Fiddle:   Emma Luker

Alto saxophone:   Kate Mawson

Bass:   Mark Livingston, Gareth Saunders, Corey Stewart, Ian Coulls

Harmony vocals:   Katrina Carpenter

Percussion:   Chris Finnen

Programming and arrangements: Ian Coulls

Production:   Ian Coulls

Mastering:   Neville Clark at Disk-Edits

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Something Else:                      CD available