I hope 2020 wasn’t too intolerable for you. I’ve been busy. Did a speaking (about books) and music tour of New Zealand and finished just in time to get back to Australia. Wonderful hospitality in NZ. Thanks once again for that. My thanks also to Ginninderra Press who published another book of poetry.


Leaves of Life: Words Words Words  (poetry)

Music posted on YouTube:

                                 Power                         (single)

                                 Promises                    (single)

                                 City Sewer Blues        (single)

                                 The City                      (single)

                                 The Latest Fashion.    (single)

                                 Fantasy                       (single)

                                 Highway                      (single)

                                 The Loser                   (single)

                                 The Lone Ranger       (single)

Most of these are demo versions which will be mastered and be published as an album in 2021.

I am very grateful to all those who supported me throughout this time. 

                       Hoping 2021 is a better year for all of us.


Writer, musician, producer, engineer, filmmaker

Ian Coulls, Holden Hill Media, author,

short stories, poet, songwriter, music, Enterprise Recordings

  Danse macabre

      a chapbook of poetry

             published by

      Ginninderra Press

2nd chapbook of poetry
published by

Ginninderra Press