I hope 2018 was a good year for you. I’ve been busy, not just with my writing. Publishing other people’s work online in the magazine has kept me busy and I haven’t really paid sufficient attention to this page. I’m from a generation that was taught not to flaunt itself in public. However, I should probably bring this page up to date or it will start to look like a museum piece.


Where the Hell is Heaven?   (Short stories)

On the Road to Somewhere Else   (chapbook of poems)

In anthologies:

    Wild, Ginninderra Press, 21st birthday anthology

                ‘Desert Sand’

    Dream-Waterfragment, Friendly Street Poets, Anthology #42

                ‘The Invisible Wound’


    Life, Kensington & Norwood Writers’ Anthology, Vol. 10, 2018

                ‘Poetry is Dead’


                ‘Fly to Me’

                ‘As I Lie’


            and short stories...

                ‘The Smell of Soap’


                ‘A Brother’s Help’

My thanks to Ginninderra Press and Halifax Café for their ongoing support.


CDs:    Something Else. (Remastered)

            Something Else Again.  (Remastered)

            Serge Kerval with Something Else

            Nothing Else

            Fashion (single)

This year was busy. Apart from getting out and playing a bit more, I had two previous CDs, Something Else and Something Else Again, remastered and I re-released them.

Have also released a longtime project, an album Christina Barrie and I recorded with now-deceased French singer Serge Kerval. Better late than never. I never was a very fashionable person. Besides, it needed to be heard. It’s got some great keyboard playing on it. Posted some of it on YouTube.

I also put out another album, Nothing Else, which I finished more than ten years ago, but never released because I wasn’t out there playing. Actually, I was in & out of China for the best part of those ten years. I haven’t got around to “launching” Nothing Else yet and I suppose I should do something about that next year.

    I am very grateful to all those who supported me throughout this time.

                             Hoping 2019 is a good year for us all.

Writer, musician, producer, engineer, filmmaker

Ian Coulls, Holden Hill Media, author,

short stories, poet, songwriter, music, Enterprise Recordings

   Danse macabre

      a chapbook of poetry

             published by

      Ginninderra Press

2nd chapbook of poetry
published by

Ginninderra Press